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Good news!! We bought a sewing machine yesterday and began making our Grell Sutcliff and Drocell Cainz cosplays! (after a few hours of figuring out how to use it haha) We're sooo excited for these cosplays and this is our first time actually making them from scratch, besides simple cosplays like Death Note. Lane will be Grell and Kam will be Drocell. Not sure when they'll be done but we want to have most of it done before we go back to school in two weeks....not looking forward to going back lol. Our Durarara cosplays, Izaya and Kida are almost done. For Izaya all we have to do is style the wig and for Kida we're just waiting for the wig to show up and still need to get some shoes. We put Sasuke and Naruto on hold for now but we'll cosplay them in the near future! :D Our cosplays may change depending on how long it will take for us to finish them so nothing is for sure yet

Check out our YouTube ----->…
Just uploaded a new video!! Check it out :D
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werewolf29 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
cant wait to see!!!
peach-of-crazyness Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012
sweet!~~~ go go go!~~~~ you can do iiiiiit!~ cant wait to see it!~
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August 8, 2012


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